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Dear Commando,

On behalf of the National Executives, I would like to extend our warmest wishes for all the support in 2022. We truly appreciate your kind cooperation and support for the enhancement of the friendship in the Alumni just like the last reunion theme says “TOGETHER WE CAN”.

A new year is a time of starting a new age and commandos should not lose hope. We have envisaged a great future for the Alumni which will be possible only with your contribution, zeal, commitment, dedication which has been with us all these years.

Thank you for your support: however great or small, we share a love for CSSA ALUMNI.

Along with all the new hopes and promises that the New Year will bring, hope it also brings us a lot more opportunities to work together as a team.

Have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!

Happy 2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards,
Anthony Jude Akan
Commandant General

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